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As a world-class speaker, John M. Sweeney is not only an engaging storyteller but also a social movement pioneer, founder, and Chief Kindness Officer of the global phenomenon, Suspended Coffees.


His story that started in 2011, will move, inspire, and motivate any audience to think in new ways, transform their work and lead with purpose.

With a stellar background working with clients globally,  John's insights span from TED stages to impactful collaborations with organisations like Tesco, RHD, and pharmaceutical companies.

John's thought leadership extends to the prestigious TEDx stage, where his impactful talk has garnered over 100,000 views. His influence is further acknowledged in Chris Anderson's latest book, "Infectious Generosity," where Chris spoke about Johns personal story on the main TED stage solidifying John's position as a thought leader in the world of generosity and engagement.

Featured in prominent media outlets such as Facebook, TED, The Huffington Post, NPR, The Independent, The Examiner, ITV, BBC Forbes, John's work has resonated globally. Facebook even recognised his impact, producing a documentary on him and the transformative effect of Suspended Coffees on communities worldwide.

John specialises in showing how organisations can utilise the full potential of their community. His teachings revolve around cultivating engagement, establishing a distinct tone of voice, and fostering a genuine sense of community involvement, sharing with organisations how to demonstrate improvements by utilising the idea of

With a history of collaboration with renowned organisations such as Tesco, RHD, and pharmaceutical companies, John has left an indelible mark on a global scale. His work with charities worldwide exemplifies his commitment to making a positive impact. With a proven track record of reaching over 1 million people weekly, John's content is a testament to his creativity and authenticity. His work with diverse teams showcases a
unique ability to understand and amplify the integrity of each brand and individual he collaborates with.


Launching the "Heartbeat of Kindness" podcast is a way of extending our dialogue on the vital themes of kindness, community, and mental health. It's more than a show; it's a movement.


Expect inspiring stories, raw conversations, and a sprinkle of humor as we navigate the landscape of the human heart.

Ted X - Why Kindness Matters

Within my TedX talk there are 3 key areas. Firstly, the need to be kind to others – to make someone feel they matter. Secondly the importance of inspiring others to be kind - people notice kindness to others and are encouraged to pay it forward. Thirdy, the need to be kind to yourself - we are often our own worst enemies in this regard but treating ourselves with kindness is just as important.

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Client Recommendations

Agencies and teams that have worked with John speak about his exceptional ability to understand people, draw out their best, and infuse integrity and authenticity into their brand or personal identity through building community. John's approach is characterised by a deep understanding of individual and organisational dynamics.

  • As the curator of TEDxStPeterPort, I had the privilege of hosting John M. Sweeney. His talk was not only incredibly honest and vulnerable but also genuinely inspiring. John's message resonated deeply with our audience, creating a truly impactful experience. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a speaker. John's remarkable impact on the community of Guernsey has led us to invite him back to speak on several occasions.From schools to organizations, his message has made a
    significant and lasting impression on our community.
    Marc Winn - TEDx Curator
  • John’s presentations were captivating. He held the attention of the audience and easily tailored the discussion to fit the unspoken need of those listening. He was engaging and effortlessly gained the interest and attention of the participants. The office continues to be reminded of his trip here with the staff and program participants carrying out random acts of kindness and selfcare reminders. Working in the field of social services this is extremely important. Thank you John for having such am impact!
    Ann. Ryan - FaSST/Connections Director Resources for Human Development
  • John M. Sweeney is a terrific spokesman for the new kindness movement. He is humble, honest, soft spoken, and very relatably human. Listening to his story will bring tears to the eyes of even the more cynical among us.
    Catherine Ryan Hyde - Author of Pay It Forward and 30 published and forthcoming books
  • John is one of the most heartfelt speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.His story is inspiring and so is his dedication to leading with his heart.
    Jason Zook - Author of Creativity for Sale
  • John is one of the most engaging speakers I've ever had the pleasure to be in a room with. Rather than the slick, over-rehearsed style favoured by many speakers, John's approach is raw, utterly honest, and very moving. John has thought deeply about the value of kindness, the potential for it to transform our lives. I don't think there is anyone alive who wouldn't benefit from hearing what he has to say.
    Jessie White - Vice President of Publishing, philanthropy and strategic partnerships misfit
  • John's ability to weave a powerful narrative, coupled with your genuine passion for fostering positive change, truly set the stage for an unforgettable experience at Tesco Amplify. His talk seamlessly aligned with our mission to encourage colleagues to approach their work differently by fostering positive connections, embracing innovation, and tapping into their creative potential.
    We wholeheartedly recommend John M. Sweeney as a speaker who not only delivers a captivating and meaningful talk but also has the unique ability to connect with audiences on a profound level.
    If you're seeking a speaker who can captivate, inspire, and ignite positive transformation, John M. Sweeney is the ideal choice. We look forward to welcoming him to speak at future events and highly recommend others to do the same.
    Tesco Amplify

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